Income Support

income support ukIncome Support UK – Universal Credit Benefit

If you are struggling and need assistance with day-to-day living then you are able to receive benefit for your living costs, your rent and your Council Tax or Rates.  You may also be entitled to other help including prescriptions and work programmes.

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We are a resource program designed to help low income families get the benefits they need for daily living.  There are millions of people out there that are qualified for benefits and we can help.  Income Support is directly aimed to help with living costs for those individuals on a low income or not working. A specific set of criteria must be met in order to receive this benefit and we will explain what you will need to prepare your claim.  If you have a mortgage or other types of housing payments, then Income Support may also be available.  However, there is a strict rule on state pension age that does not allow for credits to be disbursed.  Older individuals must file for Pension Credit.

Additional benefits can be found in the Social Fund if you are having trouble with health, legal costs, and education.

How Does This Benefit Support Living Costs?

Income support is a special benefit that is distributed to specific individuals who do not have enough money to live on.  Before you file, the government will take in to account the amount of money that you currently have in your account when deciding how much benefits you will receive.  Just because you have a low income does not guarantee that you will receive Income Support. You must be earning a certain amount of weekly income that qualifies for the low income level cut off point.

This type of government payment is a non-contributory benefit which means that it does not depend on contributions from the national insurance group.  You may receive benefits even if you have never paid the national insurance, but you must have an insurance number to apply for your benefits.  We can help you through the process, but first you will need to register through our site and then a claim supervisor will call you to go over your circumstances.


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